Beyond Private Healthcare

The Concierge Choice UK programme is an exclusive, limited membership programme that combines the expertise of GPs who care for NHS patients with the personalised approach, time and convenience of private healthcare.

Who should consider joining?

  • Those who appreciate and value bespoke care from an experienced GP.
  • Those for whom convenience is important.
  • Those who want added connectivity with their GP – knowing that they can talk with someone who knows their detailed medical history and seems more like a family member or friend.
  • Those who believe that an annual comprehensive medical is important for them – regardless of their age or current medical condition.
  • Those who appreciate high levels of service and continuity of care.
  • Those who value convenience and service for their children’s care too.

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Programme Benefits

  • Continuity of care with a one-to-one relationship with your GP
  • A comprehensive annual exam that is not available through NHS
  • Convenient bespoke care
  • Easy ways to contact your GP
  • Prompt appointments
  • Complimentary enrollment of children
  • And much more

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